About Your Personalized Home Page

What is the Personalized Home Page?

The Ontario Health Study has created a new personalized home page, designed specifically with you in mind! All you need to do to access your personalized home page is to log in to your account. We hope you enjoy spending time on your new home page and that you find it useful, informative and an easy way to stay involved with the Study. Check out the images below to see how much the page has changed!

New (left) vs Old (right) Home Page:

Benefits of Your Personalized Home Page

Your new home page is where you’ll find health news tailored to you based on the information you have provided in our questionnaires, interesting articles, links to OHS videos and news, and a cool tool that lets you look at Study facts, such as the breakdown of OHS participants by age, sex and ethnicity. Your personalized home page is also where you can go to change your personal information or Study preferences (such as how often we contact you) and it’s where we’ll contact you with information about follow-up questionnaires and invitations to visit an OHS Assessment Centres. Your home page also features a Next Step box that will always be there to guide you through additional activities that you can take part in, such as follow-up questionnaires and assessment centre openings.

Next Step Box

Next Step Box

Looking for where to start or what to do next? Check the "Next Step" box, located in the top left corner of your personalized home page.

Tailored Information

One of the most exciting features of the new personalized home page is the fact that we are now able to deliver health information to you that is tailored to you. For instance, if you indicated that you have diabetes when you filled out the Ontario Health Study's online questionnaire, we will post healthcare tips, new developments and articles about diabetes that you may find useful on your home page.

News and Social Media Feeds

In this section you will find health news that corresponds with your health and lifestyle. You can also stay up to date with what's going on with the Ontario Health Study by checking out our OHS Facebook and Twitter posts here.

Healthy Living Tips

Your page's Healthy Living section will feature links to articles that will help you lead a healthier, happier life.

Modifying Your Settings

If you'd like to change the type of communications you receive from us, go to Study Preferences. Select the Notifications box and remove checkmarks from the communications that you are not interested in receiving. If you'd prefer not to have health information that is specially tailored to you show up on your home page, remove the checkmark from the "Personal information on the home page" box.

How to turn off tailored information

To view a larger version of the video, select the "View on YouTube" option on the bottom right-hand corner of the video and after viewing, close the new window or tab to return to this page.

Other Features of Your Personalized Home Page:


This fun feature allows you to find out more about Ontarians who are participating in the Ontario Health Study with you. You can look up statistics on the number of OHS participants by topics such as age, ethnicity and sex.

Update Account Information

It's easy to update your personal information on your new home page. Select My Profile, where you can update your contact information, change your password and security questions, as well as view all of your activities since joining the Study.

Check Back Frequently

Your personalized home page is updated on a continuous basis, so check back frequently to read helpful health-related articles and watch new videos about the Ontario Health Study.