What to expect during your visit

Check In

Please check in at the reception desk when you arrive for your appointment. A staff member will verify your photo identification and be able to answer any questions you may have about your visit.

Assessment Centre Tests

An Assessment Centre staff member will perform a number of physical tests with you during your visit. These tests will include measurement of your height, weight, body composition, and lung and heart health. Before undertaking these tests, a staff member will ask you a few questions to make sure it is safe to complete all of the physical measurements and to have your blood taken should you choose to provide a sample. For a detailed list of Assessment Centre tests, please click here.

Blood and Urine Samples

  • During your visit, you will be asked to provide blood (less than two and a half tablespoons) and urine (a small container). If you choose to book an appointment that begins before 10:00 a.m., you will be given the option to provide a fasting blood sample (in which you don’t eat or drink anything other than water after midnight the night before your visit). If you usually take any medication in the morning, please ensure that you take it as usual with a glass of water. If you book an appointment that begins later in the day or you choose not to provide a fasting blood sample, you may eat and drink normally before your appointment. Once you have provided your blood sample, you will be given something to eat before moving to the next part of your visit.
  • If you are not able to provide a blood sample or are not comfortable with doing so, you may provide a saliva sample instead.

How to Check Your Results