Process and Eligibility

Is everyone able to provide a blood sample?

Initially our Blood Collection Program will be by invitation only though, at some point every OHS participant will likely be invited however, you are NOT eligible to provide a blood sample if you:

  • have a blood-clotting disease such as hemophilia;
  • have had any procedures performed on both sides of your body that would make you unable to give a blood sample (e.g., lymph nodes removed from your arm or chest, an arteriovenous (A-V) shunt for haemodialysis, etc.); and/or
  • have observed any condition that makes sample collection impossible (e.g., rashes, oedema, open sores, wounds, cast, occluded veins on both arms, etc.).
  • have received a blood transfusion in the past 2 days.

How do I provide a blood sample?

  1. Log in to your personal home page.
  2. Complete a five-minute online screening questionnaire and read/sign a consent form.
  3. Print your OHS requisition form.
  4. Book an appointment through LifeLabs® Medical Laboratory Services’ online appointment booking system or visit any LifeLabs® Patient Service Centres across Ontario.

    How to book a LifeLabs Appointment:

  5. Bring your requisition form to your preferred LifeLabs® Patient Service Centre.

Please log in to your home page to complete the screening questionnaire or read our blood collection FAQs for more information.