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OHS Champions Speak Out – Why Visit the OHS Assessment Centre?

Once you complete the Ontario Health Study’s online questionnaire, you may be invited to visit our Assessment Centre. Initially Assessment Centre appointments are by invitation only, however you may be prompted to indicate your interest in booking an appointment the next time you log into your home page. The purpose of the Assessment Centre is to collect information about many aspects of your health. Some of the things we will look at include your heart and lung function, your waist and hip size and your blood pressure and heart rate. During your visit, we will also ask you to provide blood and urine samples. While this is optional, it will make the Study much more effective if you provide these samples.

Collecting additional data on participants who visit the Assessment Centre will enable researchers to better understand what affects health and quality of life. This may help to improve the prevention and diagnosis of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Your Assessment Centre visit may also enable you to learn something new about your health.

The Assessment Centre is located in Toronto at 790 Bay Street, on the southwest corner of Bay and College Streets. Parking is available nearby (for more detail click here) and the closest TTC stations are College and Queen’s Park. Detailed directions will be emailed to you if you choose to make an appointment at the Assessment Centre or can be found in the FAQ section.

The physical measures collected by the Ontario Health Study are for research purposes only. They are not diagnostic or clinical and do not replace a visit to your doctor or health-care professional.

Participation at the Assessment Centre is completely voluntary. You can continue to take part in the Ontario Health Study even if you choose not to visit the Assessment Centre.

For further details about the OHS Assessment Centre, click on the options listed under the Assessment Centres tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.

If you have any questions about the information provided, please contact our call centre at 1-866-606-0686 or send an email to

Is everyone able to attend the Toronto Assessment Centre?

Initially visits to our Toronto Assessment Centre will be by invitation only, however you may be asked by the OHS to indicate your interest in visiting the Toronto Assessment Centre the next time you log into your OHS personalized home page. This option is available to participants who have completed the initial questionnaire and consented to being re-contacted by the OHS. If this feature is available to you, the “Express Interest” button will be located on the right-hand side of your personalized home page the next time you log in. This feature will allow you to indicate your interest in visiting the Toronto Assessment Centre. The image below shows the location of the “Express Interest” button.

The OHS is currently running two initiatives, the Toronto Assessment Centre, and the Blood Collection Program. At this time, you may indicate your interest in both initiatives, however you will only be invited to take part in one program. When you access this feature on your home page, you will be informed that they will be contacted by the OHS regarding the program you have indicated interest in. At the moment, we are inviting participants to take part in stages based on age and other demographic factors. To express your interest in visiting the Toronto Assessment Centre/taking part in the Blood Collection Program, please log into your OHS personalized home page by clicking here. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the “Express Your Interest” feature or you have questions regarding this option please send all enquiries to

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